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  Djanogly Art Galery: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, book and exhibition collateral
Image showing a view of the exhibition and the film being shown Our second collaboration with Hands-on associates, the resulting publication was both exhibition catalogue and artwork in its own right. The layout and typography were intelligently researched, giving the pages a narrative flow that brought our subject and the period to life. Again, fastidiously delivered within budget, the book was a sell-out before the exhibition ended.

Neil Walker

Visual Arts Officer
Djanogly Art Gallery
Cover and spreads from the exhibition book
Image of a tablet device with the interactive exhibition guide
Top and far right
Views of the exhibitiion, which included the film, which ran continuously.

Cover and spreads from
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning, the book written to accompany the exhibition.

Entrance and exhibition information panels.

A tablet-based interactive exhibition guide, which included contributions from visitors to the exhibition, was published on the gallery’s web site.

Exhibition photography by Damian Hughes
Images of the external information panel and internal information boards
Image showing two views of the exhibition
Another opportunity to work with curator Anna Douglas resulted in Saturday Night & Sunday Morning, an exhibition of 1950s and 1960s photography, that explored the theme of authenticity through comparisons with the film of the same title. Hosted by the Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham, the exhibition ran between November 17 2012 and February 10 2013.

Our role was very much a collaborative one, where full engagement with the creative process – and the solution of significant logistical challenges – culminated in the delivery of a broad range of work including: a 160 page book; a tablet-based exhibition guide; typographical information displays and signing for use inside and outside the gallery.

Inevitably there were imperfections, but taken as a whole, especially given the time scale and budget, the work was very high quality.

The exhibition was very well attended and the book sold out just before the exhibition closed.

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